Easter ’12

What an awesome Easter. With so much family around it really felt like a more complete holiday. And the beauty part was that we all weren’t crammed into a tiny little house.

I took as many photos as I could and missed quite a few, but here are some of the better ones.

Grandma Kubik, Sarah and Cari.

Morgan helping Ava look for eggs after the ladies and I hid them in the backyard. We had to let them go first so the boys didn’t overrun her.

Their enthusiasm is well documented here.

And here.

Aaaaaaaand here.


My favorite photo of the day. Morgan selflessly helped Ava the entire time without complaint.

This year I decided to do a little something fun for everyone. I gave everyone an egg that I’d blown, washed, and filled with bird seed. One of the eggs was also filled with glitter. Everyone then proceeded to smash their egg on someone else’s head and whoever got the glittered egg broken over them was the winner. I found this cute little gem of a game and knew I had to do it. I will be better organized with a camera the next time, however, as I got no good shots and missed the winner getting covered in glitter. Still, I did get some photos, as poor as they may be. This one is of Brett, who appears to be contemplating breaking his egg over Lukas’ head. In the background Sarah is contemplating the same thing.

The look on his face. Ha. But also the look on Sam’s face as he prepares to smash his egg on Bob’s head.

Beautiful. But…no double smashing next time. (Lukas is holding the winning egg. The one color I didn’t think he’d choose.)

And I guess Bob gave his to Sam in return, hehe.

The lucky winner was Ava. Lukas smashed his egg on her head, covering her in bright pink glitter that is still in her hair, and I only got the end of it. The photos didn’t make the cut. Sorry. She won ten dollars, which we immediately fielded to Morgan for being such a good sport and helping so jovially. The three pricey chocolate bars that were to go to an adult winner were divvied up between Cari, Sarah and myself. Sorry, gram.

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